Introducing Gabrielle Johansson

Gabrielle Johansson
1 min readAug 20, 2020


Hi, my name is Gabrielle (pronounced Gabriel) and I’m a junior history major with a minor in Philosophy. I’m planning on going to grad school for history after my undergrad degree and eventually teach at the collegiate level. I’m from Columbia, around 20 minutes from campus.

I enjoy biking and being in nature however most days I’m at home drinking coffee, chilling, and/or reading. I love to watch crime shows — Hawaii 5 -0, Psych, and Sherlock are my absolute favorites. I work as a manager at Chick-fil-A over in the Irmo area and have been there for a while now.

I’m an intj — pretty introverted and pretty quiet type of person. I love school and can be pretty nerdy at times. I have a big family, with two brothers and two sisters who I’m very close with.

^Me (left) and my best friend. Fall is my favorite season! looking forward to cooler weather and carving pumpkins! 😊

I chose this course because I wanted clarity on what justice actually is in a moral sense, what it means for society, how it affects society, and in what ways its different from revenge or simply damage control. I’m really excited about this course and discussing crime and justice with you guys!